HVLN member schools may register from November 7, 2016.

Spring 2017 General Registration: November 21, 2016 - January 11, 2017

New students are required to pass the Student Orientation course by January 15, 2017 or registration will be canceled.

Link to Course Offerings: Click Here.


* * * SPRING 2017 Classes begin on January 18, 2017 * * *

E-School is a supplementary program provided by the Hawaii DOE. Secondary courses are offered to students free of charge during the school year. (Note: E-School summer courses are fee-based). A designated School Site Facilitator is responsible for registering students for semester and yearlong E-School courses. 



  • Students meet with School Site Facilitator and/or counselor to discuss course selection(s).
  • School Site Facilitators register students in the desired course(s) using the online registration site.
  • Students must provide a valid email address. Do NOT use a Yahoo email account. Mail from the Hawaii DOE gets filtered into Yahoo's Bulk Mail and students may not receive registration information.
  • Student and parent (if email address is provided to the Site Facilitator) will receive a registration confirmation email that contains login information.
  • A link to an online Student Agreement Form will be provided in the registration confirmation email.  Student / Parent must complete the online Student Agreement form.  (Hard copies are not accepted.)  The link in the registration confirmation email must be used in order to have the form correctly connected to the student.
  • New students must complete the mandatory online student orientation by a specified deadline or will be dropped from E-School.