• How does an online course work? Do I work at my own pace? +

    E-School students are guided through their courses by state-certified teachers. At any hour of the day, active students go to the http://hidoe.blackboard.com website, log into the class, work on assignments/projects, and then submit work to be graded. Teachers evaluate student work and send back grades and comments. Teachers and students also communicate with the course messaging tool to check on progress or answer questions. Students interact and collaborate with each other through blogs, discussion forums, virtual classrooms, and other communication tools offered in the course management system.

    While students are welcome to work ahead, they must maintain a minimum pace to successfully complete the course.

  • How do I register to take a course through E-School during the school year? +

    To register to take an E-School online course during the school year (Fall, Year, or Spring), you must see your School Site Facilitator. Your School Site Facilitator will collect the necessary information from you and will input it into the registration system. When this is done, you will receive an email providing next-step instructions that include your username and password, how to login to Blackboard, how to do a browser check, and how to begin the required E-School student orientation training course. For first-time E-School students, successful completion is required for course access, see E-School Student Orientation Training section.

    Enrollment into E-School online courses is based upon first come – first served. Sections of courses are limited to around 26 students for regular courses and 15 students for AP courses. The availability of courses and sections of courses is based on the availability of instructors to teach the courses.

  • How do I register for an E-School summer school course? +

    Online registration for summer school is done by the parents and students through the E-School website: http://eschool.k12.hi.us -> Registration -> Summer Registration.
  • Will E-School issue me an email account? +

    E-School will not provide you with an email account. You will need to secure your own email account for communicating with your instructor and fellow classmates. Remember, no YAHOO email accounts please!
  • Why can't I use a Yahoo email account? +

    The "Bulk Mail" filter on Yahoo Mail seems to be filtering out mail from the Hawaii DOE as "Junk/Bulk Mail." This may cause an interruption in the E-School registration process. Also, you may not receive important information from E-School such as your login credentials and general E-School reminders / updates. We recommend using a gmail or hotmail email account.
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