• Who can become a E-School teacher? +

    All E-School teachers must hold a current, valid secondary teaching license, meet the Highly Qualified Teacher requirements, reside in Hawaii and have successfully completed the Connect! professional development course. E-School instructors are also recommended to have classroom teaching experience within their content area and be technologically literate.

  • How do I apply to become an E-School teacher? +

    All interested applicants who meet the minimum requirements should apply online.  References and attachments of applicant's resume, copy of HTSB license, and HQT documents will be requested in the online application form.  You will be contacted for an interview as part-time teacher positions become available.  Questions can be emailed to Hilary Apana-Mckee at eschool@hawaiidoe.k12.hi.us.

  • What types of positions are available for E-School? +

    Currently, all teaching positions are part-time. We do not have any full-time teaching positions. Teaching assignments are above and beyond your regular teaching line. In the future, full-time positions may become available.
  • How are E-School teachers compensated? +

    During the regular school year, E-School teachers are compensated on a per course fee. Semester courses range from $1500-$3000 and year courses range from $3000-$6000 per course. Exact payment is based on the number of students enrolled.

    The summer school compensation follows the Hawaii Department of Education summer school payment schedule. One semester course is taught in six weeks and compensation is $1680. A teacher can teach a maximum of two six week semester courses concurrently for the summer.

  • How many courses can an E-School teacher instruct within a school year? +

    E-School teachers can instruct a maximum of two courses per semester.
  • How many hours does a E-School teacher spend instructing a course? +

    On average, teachers should anticipate spending between 10-14 hours a week per course
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