The Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE) E-School provides standards-based, online classes for Hawaii's students. Students enrolled in any HIDOE public school (which includes charter schools) can take these supplemental online courses in addition to their regular classes. E-School serves to support the objectives of the HIDOE’s Strategic Plan which includes:

  • All DOE students demonstrate they are on a path toward success in college, career and citizenship.
  • The DOE has a high-performing culture where employees have the traning, support, and professional development to contribute effectively to student success.
  • The system and culture of the DOE work to effectively organize financial, human, and community resources in support of student success.

E-School was created from a United States Department of Education Technology Innovation Challenge Grant. E-School classes are part of a supplemental program offered by the Hawaii State Department of Education branch: Extended Learning Opportunities and Student Support.