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Welcome to E-School! You have made a great decision to experience the innovative method of online learning.  Read the Full Story
HVLN/E-School Registration Registration for HVLN/E-School courses is done by a faculty member (Site Facilitator) at your school.  All schools determine which faculty member will be the Site Facilitator.  This is how to get started and oriented with our online system. Read the Full Story
Hardware and Computer Requirements To be able to access course information, you need proper equipment, computer systems, and technical specifications. Read the Full Story
Requirements for Student Success To be successful in an online course, students need to know how to use the computer. However, students need to have more than just a good set of digital skills and be able to cruise the internet. Students must also possess additional skills.  Read the Full Story


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Access to your online courses
Blackboard is E-School's premiere online course management system. Before you login for your first time, be sure to use the browser check to make sure you are using the correct browser and browser plugins.

Program Policies
Requirements for E-School
To participate in E-school, there are certain requirements and policies that students are expected to abide by.

Schools, Register Your Students
Schools can now register their students using the HVLN/E-School's online registration system. 


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